Issues: Women’s Rights

From prosecuting domestic violence cases as an assistant District Attorney, to standing up for equal pay, to co-sponsoring legislation in the Assembly that would give women the unrestricted right to choose, Todd has advocated on behalf of women his entire career.

Now, New York’s leading women’s organizations are backing Todd for State Senate because the choice could not be clearer for the women of the South Shore in this pivotal election.

Todd is endorsed by:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • NOW NY
  • Pro Choice NY
  • Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion
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Join Todd in ensuring that the wellbeing of women in New York does not come second to the wellbeing of men—and being part of the reason that New York continues to lead the country on women’s equality.

Todd’s Women’s Equality Agenda includes:

  • Full passage of the Women’s Equality Act
  • Always protecting the right to choose
  • Equal pay for women

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