Education Reform

New York’s public school students and parents have endured years of unproductive, frustrating attempts at improving our state’s education system. After years of budget cuts that hurt New York’s schools, Common Core has added new barriers to a quality education by making it harder to learn, harder to teach, and burdening schools with lengthy, difficult tests that fail to adequately measure learning.

As both a father and a lawmaker, Todd knows that it is time for a serious change. Sign the petition to join Todd, parents and education advocates to improve education and undo the damage done by Common Core by supporting legislation that:

Todd’s Education Reform Package includes:

  • Decoupling teacher evaluations from test results
  • Reducing test-taking and increasing transparency by directing the Board of Regents to do so through a research committee
  • Repealing state authority to take over failing schools and to put the school reform process back in the hands of local educators, parents, and other stakeholders
  • Establishing a Career and Practical Education (CPE) pathway to a high school diploma as an alternative for students with special needs or those learning English as a second language

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