LI Herald Endorses Todd Kaminsky for State Senate

LI Herald Endorses Todd Kaminsky for State Senate

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Todd Kaminsky … has fought to change things, both as an assistant U.S. attorney and in the Assembly…we are fully confident that he would continue fighting for residents of the 9th District and suburban interests in a Democratic-led Senate.

Chris McGrath seems to feel that the problem is a few bad apples who can be weeded out by prosecution and the threat of losing their pensions. FOR THAT REASON, FIRST AND FOREMOST, KAMINSKY HAS OUR VOTE.

We believe that Kaminsky, 38, will continue his effort to bring accountability to the Legislature. During his first year in office, he has demonstrated the kind of confidence and aggressiveness that it takes to get things done.

He supports a permanent state tax cap, delivered an $18 million increase in state education aid for 9th District schools in the recently approved state budget, and has also introduced legislation aimed at education reform and ending the reign of Common Core.

Kaminsky passed tax credits for Sandy victims last year, and supported what state lawmakers describe as the largest middle-class tax cut in recent memory in this year’s budget. Locally, he fought for the reopening of an emergency facility in Long Beach in the wake of the Long Beach Medical Center’s closure.

He voted for pension forfeiture and increasing penalties for law-breakers, but also wants to eliminate legislators’ outside income, close the LLC loophole, reform campaign financing and provide district attorneys with more tools to prosecute corrupt politicians.

What do they think about Chris McGrath:

McGrath seems mostly comfortable with the status quo.