Issues: Israel

Issues: Israel

Todd knows that, now more than ever, it is our responsibility to support the state of Israel and to protect her sovereignty in order to promote democracy and stability in an increasingly troubled region.

New York has a long history of partnership with Israel, including shared international goals, meaningful cultural connections, and strong economic ties. In the Assembly, Todd worked hard to strengthen that relationship and looked for opportunities to aid Israel and its citizens. Todd was one of a select few Assembly Members to travel to Israel in December for a multi-day cultural exchange program sponsored by the Jewish Committee Relations Council of New York.

Todd also has led the fight in the Assembly against the BDS movement, pushing legislation to prohibit businesses that do business with New York from boycotting Israel.

Now as a Senator, Todd will continue his efforts to promote strong ties with Israel, while limiting the power of dangerous forces in the Middle East, including Hamas and the Iranian Regime.

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