Issues: Corruption

Issues: Corruption

For far too long, corruption has plagued Albany, harming taxpayers and eroding New Yorkers’ trust in their government. Nassau County’s own State Senator, Dean Skelos, was part of the problem. It is essential to the future of Nassau County and our state that we act swiftly and decisively to protect taxpayers and restore their trust by rooting out corruption and making dirty politicians pay.

As a federal prosecutor, Todd put corrupt elected officials behind bars, including both Democrats and Republicans. Now as a Senator, Todd will is continuing the fight to eradicate corruption for good by passing meaningful reforms to destroy the culture of corruption and punish those abusing their office.

Todd’s anti-corruption agenda includes:

  • Stripping elected officials of their pensions when they are convicted of corruption
  • Creating a criminal charge for abuse of the public trust, to punish corrupt lawmakers more severely
  • Empowering local prosecutors to investigate and prosecute elected officials
  • Banning lawmakers from “serving two masters” – taxpayers and their private interests – by receiving outside income
  • Significantly limiting campaign contributions to limit the influence of special interests and the wealthy
  • Requiring better oversight over local government contracts to prevent fraud and graft

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