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Freshman lawmakers aren’t typically seen as sources of expertise around the Capitol, but Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky is an exception.

Freshman Legislator Has Peers on Guard, Wall Street Journal, March 24, 2015

Kaminsky “was particularly good at convicting corrupt legislators.”

Todd Kaminsky, Who Helped Prosecute Albany Lawmakers, is Now One of Them, New York Magazine, April 30, 2015

Reformers such as Todd Kaminsky of Long Beach, a former U.S. Attorney who prosecuted public corruption cases, are demanding new standards of behavior

Senate GOP is Blocking Reform, Newsday, March 18, 2015
Fighting Corruption as a Prosecutor

Fraud Trial for Espada Is Concluding After 6 Weeks

Espada Guilty on 4 Counts of Theft in Partial Verdict, Mistrial on Rest of Case

Kaminsky’s Election May Be Pivotal in Fighting Corruption

It’s time to lift the LLC veil (LI Herald)

Albany doing as little as possible (Newsday)

Serving Long Island as an Assemblyman

Freshman Legislator Has Peers on Guard

Todd Kaminsky, Who Helped Prosecute Albany Lawmakers, is Now One of Them

Senate GOP is Blocking Reform

Kaminsky steps up for Sandy victims

Long Beach’s freestanding emergency department OK’d by state, says Assemb. Kaminsky

Emergency Room Service Returns in Long Beach Nearly Three Years after Sandy

Assemblyman Kaminsky Removes Swastika in Long Island Town, a Recurring Pattern

Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky Proposes Bills Targeting Public Corruption

Press Release: Kaminsky Cheers Hard-Fought Wins for the South Shore in the State Budget

Todd Kaminsky Sworn in to Senate, Replaces Convicted Skelos

Moving Forward as a State Senate Candidate

Democrat Todd Kaminsky announces NY Senate run for Dean Skelos’ former seat

Todd Kaminsky Seeks N.Y. State Senate Seat Vacated by Dean Skelos

Todd Kaminsky gunning for Dean Skelos’ Senate seat

Why New York Democrats are rallying for Sanders and Trump

Kaminsky announces run for State Senate

Kaminsky’s ‘Clean Conscience’ Pledge

New York Times Endorsement: Choices for New York’s Special Elections

LI Herald Endorsement: Kaminsky is the Choice to Clean Up Albany

Democrat Declared Winner of Dean Skelos’s Seat on Long Island

Todd Kaminsky Declared Winner in Senate Race to Replace Skelos